The patented, award-winning Ethera loudspeaker design is widely recognized as a hallmark in speaker technology.  And the proof is in the listening.

'Crystal clear, natural-sounding and magical', is the description most consistently ascribed to Ethera loudspeakers.  In fact, they are often cited as the ideal reference for the assessment of other high-end audio components.

The Vitae model, the paragon of Ethera loudspeakers, is highly regarded by audiophiles and music lovers worldwide.  It has been acclaimed in leading audio magazines and has received numerous favourable reviews.

The Seraph bookshelf model is the newest addition to our line.  Like its larger sibling, this little angel will blend beautifully into any decor, but more particularly, it will nestle unobtrusively on bookshelves and on stands Preliminary data and measurements of the Seraph have shown it to be, within its specified range, virtually on par with the Vitae in all technical respects.



Vitae model

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